Berowra Lego Exhibition Brick building since 2009

The Annual LEGO® Competition

(first Saturday in September)

You can download the flyer and entry form here:Entry form flyer.  Copies are also available from the August Community Markets.

How it began . . .

Since 2009, Berowra Uniting Church has hosted the LEGO® exhibition. Each year, our event has increased in both interest and exhibitors. The event began with the children of the church deciding to sponsor a disadvantaged child – Maria – through ‘Compassion’ a charitable organisation. The children realised that they were utterly blessed to have so many advantages and that as good citizens, they should share with those who have little or nothing. Thus, they decided to host a number of fundraisers each year to raise funds for Maria. The most successful has been the LEGO® exhibition. 

How to enter . . .

The LEGO® exhibition is always on the first Saturday in September. If you wish to enter the competition, there is no need to pre-register, just turn up on the night before (between 5 and 7) with your entry, the registration form (downloaded from this page) and your entry fee. It’s as simple as that:)

Previous exhibitions . . .

For a video of the exhibition, check this out: We’re Youtube famous!

Youtube: LEGO® for some it’s a religion – Berowra Uniting Church 2014

lego-exhibitionFor photos of past LEGO® exhibitions, click here

We have been astounded to see the popularity of the exhibition – over 60 children entered and a further 20 exhibited their creations last year. Exhibitors came from as far as 8 suburbs away. This year, we are hoping to reach an even greater audience.The competition is aimed at children 3 – 12 years old (preschool and primary school aged) and divided into six categories, with a prize given for both Original LEGO® creations [LEGO® creations built using imagination alone – no instructions, no copying someone else’s design] and best LEGO® Set Presentations [LEGO® built using the instruction sheet, instructions from the net or the picture on the box]. On the day of the exhibition, both the competitors and general exhibitors display their LEGO® creations. Entry into the exhibition hall is  $4 per person or $10 per family. There will be prizes given on the day for all the categories.

Happy Building!