LEGO® Exhibition

Thanks to everyone who entered, visited and helped with our 2022 Lego® Exhibition!

We had some fantastic exhibits and competition entires. Pictures of some of our 2022 Exhibition are below.

Berowra Uniting Church 2023 Lego Exhibition will be held on Saturday 2nd September 2023

Get building and we’ll see you then!

Great Ball Contraption Club


Pictures from 2022 Exhibition

How it began

Since 2009, Berowra Uniting Church has hosted the LEGO® exhibition. Each year, our event has increased in both interest and exhibitors. The event began with the children of the church deciding to sponsor a disadvantaged child – Maria – through ‘Compassion’ a charitable organisation. The children realised that they were utterly blessed to have so many advantages and that as good citizens, they should share with those who have little or nothing. Thus, they decided to host a number of fundraisers each year to raise funds for Maria. The most successful has been the LEGO exhibition. 

In 2022…

Our sponsor child has now graduated from the ‘Compassion’ programme and from tertiary education which has set her up for a career in accountancy so this year we directed a portion of the funds raised from the LEGO® Exhibition to go towards the work of Uniting World, who support programmes like education in remote areas, leadership training and peace building. Another portion has gone towards supporting community in Berowra through activities like the Community Markets, Seniors Activity Group, Messy Church and ministry support for the community.

How to enter the competition…

2023 Entry Form will be available here

Competition entry accepted up to and on the night of Friday 2nd September 2022.

Got any enquiries? Contact us here.

Adult Exhibitors

Between 13 (high school) and 113 years old and want to display your Lego creations? Email Jacqueline to book your spot

Previous exhibitions….

For a video of the exhibition, check this out: We’re Youtube famous!

Youtube: LEGO® for some it’s a religion – Berowra Uniting Church 2014